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The City of Osceola is located in east-central Mississippi County, and it was established in 1837 and became a city later in 1853. This city serves as the Mississippi County seat. It is situated on the Arkansas Delta along the Mississippi River.
The county grew as a result of timber and cotton harvesting. This was expanded by the Mississippi River's large riverfront, which made transportation by steamboat even easier to transport goods and individuals.
The city of Osceola is 9.4 square miles entirely landmass, and most of it lies on the Arkansas Delta, characterized by flat cultivation fields.

The Government

The city operates under the governorship of the City Mayor, Sally Longo Wilson, who controls the municipal government. The mayor is chosen in a municipal election to lead the city as its chief executive officer (CEO) and oversee all operations, regulations, and laws.
The mayor also assigns responsibilities to the city council after being elected. The city's legislative body comprises six members, two chosen from each city's three wards. The council is also responsible for establishing laws and managing the municipal budget. It also has power over the members of the specialized municipal commissions that fall under its purview.

Osceola City Services

Aiming to ensure that this city's citizens live happily and comfortably, the city government maintains the infrastructure, water, sewage systems, and utilities through the Department of Public Works.
It is responsible for the following;

  • Ensure that the city services comply with federal and state officials.
  • Develop infrastructure and come up with plans.
  • Manage city projects and supervise contractors.
  • Obtain repair quotes from contractors for facilities and buildings owned by the city.
  • Assist department heads with future construction and maintenance planning.
  • Collaborate with the Planning Commission per the Zoning and other laws.
  • Update the necessary the Osceola utility system maps

The City of Osceola's Demographics

With 6,976 citizens, according to the current US Census Bureau Statistics, Osceola is the 56th most populous city in Arkansas out of 617. Most of the population comprises the Black race, 53.3%; the White race, 36.9%; and the Hispanic race, 6.3%.
Osceola households' median annual household income in 2020 was $37,871, and a typical house value was $87,500, making the city's homeownership rate 47.3%. Most Osceola residents commuted alone by car, and the households owned two vehicles on average.

The Osceola Police Department

The Osceola Police Department is located in the Osceola Justice Building, which was constructed in 1995, and situated at 401 W. Keiser Ave. This building also contains the City of Osceola Jail and the Osceola District Court.
The Osceola Police Department operates under the command of Chief Ollie Collins, and its primary responsibility is to keep the citizens and the city property safe. It also collaborates with the Mississippi County Sheriff's Office to ensure that all citizens are safe.
The Chief of Police also receives help from 24 full-time officers, five reserve officers, and 12 civilian personnel who work to serve and protect the inhabitants of Osceola.
There are three major divisions of the Osceola Police Department:

Jail Division

This division's primary responsibility is to ensure that the inmates in the detention center are well-catered for and safe from internal and external threats.

Criminal Investigation Division

This division is responsible for acquiring information, gathering evidence in criminal investigations, and presenting a case to court with concrete evidence.

Patrol Division

The patrol division is tasked with patrolling the city streets and responding to noise complaints on the business with the city both at night and day. It also conducts traffic management and responds to accidents, emergencies, disturbances, and other reported law infractions.

Osceola Jail, AR

The Osceola Jail, AR, is a municipal jail located at 401 West Keiser Avenue, Osceola, AR, 72370. The facility has a capacity of 56 inmates, and it acts as a detaining cell for arrestees arrested within the city walls. It is operated and run by the Osceola Police Department.
This jail holds arrestees as they are being booked and await bail hearings and setting. Those granted and can afford to pay bail are released after they pay or as per the court terms.
On the other hand, those who cannot pay or are denied bail return to jail as they await transfer to the Mississippi County Jail operated by the County Sheriff's Department.

How to locate an inmate in the Osceola Jail?

There are only two ways to locate an inmate detained in the Osceola Jail. You can call the police department at 870-563-7434 or visit the police department in person to search. The jail lacks an online inmate roster since criminals have an average of 72 hours-stay in the facility.

Can you contact inmates in the Osceola Jail?

Since inmates do not stay in jail for long, there are no conventional means of communicating with them. Upon arrest, however, inmates are provided an unmonitored call where they can call anyone they wish to inform them of their arrest. Afterward, you can contact them while they are in the county jail or after they are released from the city jail.

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