Water Treatment

The water treatment process begins 1500 feet below the streets of Osceola in the Wilcox aquifer (underground stream). Raw water is pumped to the surface then gravity flows through an aerator, mixing air with water to solidify the iron content. From there the water flows into the flash mixer where minute, but necessary amounts of chlorine, lime and polymer are added. Now it's on to the clarifying tank where those additives do their job by removing most of the iron content and beginning the purification process. Next it's filtered to remove the remaining iron content then pumped to ground storage tanks. When needed, the monitoring system, signals pumps to do their job by pumping water into the many miles of water main and forcing it upward over 120 feet into the elevated storage tank where it waits to be used, when someone opens a faucet, turns a spigot or flushes a toilet.

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