The following is an up-dated list for all applicable codes used within the city limits of Osceola, Arkansas.

2012 AFPC Volume I: Arkansas Fire Prevention Code: Fire Code

2012 AFPC Volume II: Arkansas Fire Prevention Code: Building Code

2012 AFPC Volume III: Arkansas Fire Prevention Code: Residential Code

2006 APC: Arkansas Plumbing Code

2010 AMC: Arkansas Mechanical Code

2014 NEC: National Electrical Code

2006 AFAG: Arkansas Fuel and Gas Code

2012 IBC: International Building Code

2009 IECC: International Energy Conservation Code

2012 IEBC International Existing Building Code

2012 International Property Maintenance Code

Water and Wastewater
Street and Sanitation
Fire Department
Police Department
Animal Shelter
Code Enforcement

Code Enforcement

Code Enforcement Officer
Building Inspector
Applicable Building Codes

Residential Building
Commercial Building
Plumbing Permit
Electrical Permit
Mechanical Permit

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